We’ve made a selection of texts to share with you, which come from a variety of sources – from exhibition introductions, previously published articles, or from writers on the topic of community engagement.

PDF Downloads

GASP Handbook, 1975

Jubilee picked up how-to-make-an-inflatable from the guys at GASP. That’s Group Art Spectatator Participation (we think). In this pdf you’ll find tips on things to do with cardboard, timber, paint, playschemes, murals, youth activities and media from back in the day. Fascinating!!!
Download GASP handbook, 1975

All in this together’: The depoliticisation of community art in Britain, 1970-2011, by François Matarasso

Matarasso’s first work was with community arts projects, and he has written extensively on the subject. If you want to find out more, check out his websites Regular Marvels and Parliament of Dreams. As you will find, he writes a lot and was well aware of the work of Jubilee. In 2012, he did a project in West Bromwich, with the local Operatic Society. You’ll find it on his site.
Download: 2013-all-in-this-together-matarasso

Young People have the right to their own cultural expression, a right to define what The Arts are, by Sylvia King and Wes Webb, 1987

Originally published in Report, the newspaper of West Midlands Arts. Sylvia King was then Director of Jubilee and Wes Webb was the Education Officer for West Midlands Arts Council.
Download: Arts & Young people

Coming of Age, by Steve Trow, 1992

One of the founder members of Jubilee Arts in 1974, Steve Trow reflected on the previous 18 years in this article published in Mailout magazine.
Download: Coming of Age

In Search of Cultural Democracy, by Owen Kelly, 1985

Originally published in Arts Express, Owen Kelly wrote in response to Roy Shaw’s essay on ‘Arts for All’. Shaw, a former General Secretary of the Arts Council, argued for ‘the democratisation of culture’, whereas Kelly argued that debate lies with an alternative idea. This article became a rallying call for many community artists of the time.
Download: In Search of Cultural Democracy

Sandwell in Black & White by Jeremy Seabrook, 1991

The introduction to the exhibition of the same name by Jeremy Seabrook, an author and journalist specialising in social, environmental and development issues.  www.jeremyseabrook.net
Download: Jeremy Seabrook

Looking for a Brand New Beat: Making the case for Community Arts by Mark Webster, 1999

An essay originally published in ‘Finding Voices, Making Choices: Creativity for Social Changes’, edited by Mark Webster, a book of essays by practitioners who have worked with Walsall Community Arts Team.
Download: Mark Webster

The Miners Strike by Owen Kelly, 1985

This is an essay which went unpublished, until Jubilee put it on their web site in 1999. It considers two different photographic projects with striking miners, one undertaken by Jubilee and one by Peter Kirkham.
Download: Miners Strike 1985

My Mother, My Daughter, Myself’, by Sharanjeet Shan, 1993

Introduction to the exhibition by educationaist and writer, Sharanjeet Shan, who worked at theme for Sandwell Education Authority. Shan is currently Executive Director at the Maths Centre, Johannesburg.
Download: Sharanjeet Shan

The Art of Participation, by François Matarasso, 2010

A short piece originally published in ‘Telling Stories: the arts and wellbeing in North Liverpool’, a booklet gives a snapshot of how the arts contribute to well-being in North Liverpool, based on approximately 30 interviews undertaken between June and October 2010 by François Matarasso and Gerri Moriarty.
Download: The Art of Participation

Dangerous Play, Ania Bas, 2014

A publication constructed by artist Ania Bas, using documents and
photographs from the Jubilee Arts Archive 1974-94, as well as a series
of drawings and text from the members of the Art Club in Langley Lodge
and The Library Reminiscence Group.
Download: Dangerous Play Web

Press coverage, 2015

Article from Express & Star, covering one of the archive workshop groups, working with photographer Helen Sweeting.
Download: HSweeting Express and Star sml copy

A world that someone else owns, by Brendan Jackson

Black Country Echoes was a festival celebrating local post-war manufacturing history. It was held between September and December 2104, across the four boroughs of  Sandwell, Wolverhampton, Walsall and Dudley. The Jubilee archive project held three pop up events as part of this. Brendan Jackson also contribute this essay to the catalogue published alongside the festival.
Download: Black Country Echoes

Land’s End

Rounds Green Reminscence Group in Langley participated in the curatorial workshops and produced a small pop up exhibition for Rounds Green Library on Lion Farm estate. This small souvenir newspaper was also produced.
Download: Land’s End

Doctor, write me a prescription for the blues – A story of health promotion through the power of music, by Doctor John Middleton,1998

Dr Middleton was the Sandwell Director of Heath,  Britain’s longest-serving public health director. Dr John was a strong support of arts and health projects.
Download: dr john

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