Contact & Contribute

Jubilee’s work was all about local people and artists coming together to make a difference in their communities. In the same spirit, you are invited to make your own contribution to help develop this website.

There are many ways you might like to contribute and we’d love to hear from you if you can share:

– your own reminiscences, photographs or memorabilia relating to Jubilee Arts

– examples of other community arts activities happening in Sandwell or elsewhere in those early years

– why you think these activities mattered and what we might learn from them about what’s needed today

 Let’s make this a conversation – maybe even a new call for artists and communities to come together again to make a difference in equally challenging times!

Or perhaps you just have a question about Jubilee – we’ll ask Steve and see if he knows.

Send your responses, ideas or questions to: brendanjack(at)
Let’s keep the conversation going!