The National Lottery Heritage Fund.Jubilee Arts Archive 1974-94

Curator: Brendan Jackson
Co-ordination for Laundry: Beverley Harvey
Web Design: Paul Lacey
Exhibition Production: Richard Franks

Laundry is an association of artists based in the Black Country, who develop and deliver collaborative projects engaging with communities, telling local stories though a range of media.

Work on the production of the new digital library in 2023 was supported with funding from The National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Arts Council England also provided funding for a number of artists to explore the archive materials with graphic/visual art, writing, photography, performance and sound, presenting workshops and events. In 2023, these included: Hipkiss & Graney, Brendan Jackson, Urban Monk, Bev Harvey, Peter Chaplin, Emma Purshouse, We Can Create, Jack Trow, Kate Jackson, Nikki Cooper Westlake.

Thanks to the following participants without whom this project could not have been undertaken: Steve Trow; Mike Fenton; Billy Spakemon; Ian Gray; Graham Peet; Dave Travis; Kate Organ; Geoff Broadway, Living Memory; West Bromwich Local History Society; Langley & Oldbury Local History Society; Gerri Moriarty; Alison Jeffers, University of Manchester; Owen Kelly; Dave Bradshaw, Sharon Wilson, Sandwell Advocacy; St Michael’s Church of England High School; Madeline Norris, Arts & Museums Officer; Sandwell Museums & Libraries; staff at Sandwell Archives, Georgia Bould, Rory Powell, Maureen Waldron, Judith Bate; Michelle Blackhall, Yvonne Farnell, Qasim Bashir at Central Library, West Bromwich; Rachel Conlisk, The Friendship Club; Sally Taylor, Bearwood Community Hub; staff at Smethwick Library, Oak House and Haden Hill House, where exhibitions and workshops took place.

Jubilee was an organisation that valued co-authorship and encouraged cross-disciplinary practice. It was unusual in this respect, using the term multimedia long before it was related to computer technology. In respect of this, the images are licensed for use by others under the Creative Commons licence ‘Attribution Non-commercial’ (CC BY-NC), but not for commercial reproduction – i.e. something you’re selling, whether it’s for educational purposes or not. We have not attached individual credits to images – as in most cases we don’t know who took them – but some would certainly have been taken by individuals listed below.

Members and associates of Jubilee Arts over the years 1974-94 included:

Steve Trow, Chrissie Poulter, Steve Lacey, Kate Organ, Malcolm Ratledge, Peter Wooldridge, Sandy Young, Jill Tolley, Victoria Wood, David Purvis, Martin Dennis, Ceri Cunningham, Andy Wilson, Dave Tilley, Sally Eldridge, Dave Bache, Ian McFarlane, Virginia Brown, Chris Travers, Ken Lloyd, Tessa Gearing, Melanie Grafton, Mel James, Steve Chapman, Cynthia Woodhouse, Peter Emina, Martyn Overs, Peter Chaplin, Mark Renn, Derek Jones, Sandra Jones, Gary Wiltshire, Cath Staincliffe, Sharon McDermott, Harry Henderson, Sylvia King, Steve Gooch, Horace Rodney, Dee Murphy, Tony Stanley, Gary Stewart, Lorraine Griffiths, Chris Jones, Conrad Schwarz, Cilla Jinks, Brendan Jackson, Beverley Harvey, Maxine Walker, Nigel Madhoo, Peter Singh, Fiona Bailey, Jeevan Singh, Cath Fitzgerald, Eric Klein Velderman, Pete Yates, Ron Collins, Len March, Ken Reid, Sue Green, Prem Singh, Sakab Bashir, Carrie Carruthers, Sarah Jennings, Ian Smith, Graham Peet.

Bus Team
The Bus Team, Summer 1981, outside their base at Farley Park Lodge, Greets Green.