Promotional brochure for Tru-Wel. circa 1945

Archive reference: BS – AP/9/4/1/6.

Tru-Wel was a brand name for seamed tubes manufactured by electrical welding. Located in Oldbury, the company was founded in 1929 as a subsidiary of Tube Investments Ltd. While cycle tubing was a major product, they also produced tubing for the automotive, chemical and furniture industries, among many others. The brochure highlights their production of: tubular bedroom furniture, tables and chairs for the home, ‘with special appeal to the modern housewife’; seating for cinemas, theatres and public halls as well as handrails, balustrades, banisters; furniture for offices and shops;

Tube Investments Limited itself was formed in 1919, which embraced Accles & Pollock, Tube Products Ltd., Simplex Conduits Co. Ltd and Credenda Ltd, all of whom worked locally in metal tube manufacture. In the post-war period, TI Export have offices in Brazil, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Turkey, Switzerland, Singapore, South Africa, Finland, India, Canada, the Middle East and many other places. By this time, they also had other local companies such PEL under their umbrella.